How do you get the public to see something invisible?

Single use plastics are so commonly used they have become invisible, much like the huge gyres of microplastics gathering in the oceans that are invisible to the naked eye.

We renamed the huge island of microplastic waste gathering in the Pacific as Wasteland. A chemical threat bigger than North Korea and one that is growing every day. We invited government, members of the public and industry to #jointheresistance. Using posters, research, a campaign video and the creation of a warship built entirely from plastic waste taken from the sea the campaign ran across national news, social media and included direct action at the houses of parliament.


Pieces of coverage with 303 million earned
media reach


Unique web visits during campaign month


Online Public sign-ups


Increase in the average of online direct
debit donations, worth an average of £93K
over 5 years to SAS


Joined as reps, plus 43 community leaders
& 6,207 individual action plan sign-ups


British councils are discussing motions
to reduce single-use plastic, including
Aberstwyth, Perranporth & Penzance who
have passed it